Figaro Chain Making Machine

Figaro Chain Making Machine

We at eterna Industries makes good quality of Figaro Chain Making Machine or Figaro Chain Machines which are very precises in accuract and made of best quality raw materials. At our vendors end, approved worth components and latest cutting edge technology is used in the manufacturing of this machine. It'ss suitable for both Figaro curb/cable chain.

  • Automatic Figaro Chain Making Machine is suitable for both Figaro curb/cable chain.
  • Figaro Chain Machine is electronically programmed and controlled through PLC.
  • Wire size: 0.30mm – 1.10mm
  • Speed: 180 – 200 links/minute
  • Electronic sensor brake system
  • Variable speed controller
  • Pneumatic system with air – oil filter
  • Use of compressed air is necessary
  • All types of big/small links (both curb/cable) variations are possible.
  • Figaro Chain Making Machine can manufacture both right and left Figaro curb.

Figaro Chain Making Machine Closeup

Chain Samples using Figaro Chain Making Machines machine

Figaro Chain Making Machines Sample
Figaro Chain Making Machines Sample